Digital Branding - Websites - Web marketing

What to do if the most chilled iced tea in the world ends up in the fast-paced digiverse? An extraordinary concept is needed, both for the visual and text language as well as for the online presence and the entire digital marketing.


Finstral windows and other products are sold in 14 European countries. We have created a website including a window planner to present them in the best possible way online.  

IDM South Tyrol


IDM shows us the way to a sustainable economic development in South Tyrol. The website is a stage for know-how and gives not only character, but also a face to the “Innovators, Developers, Marketers”.


On the new website of the South Tyrolean hotelier and innkeeper association, B2B and B2C elements are expertly combined and tailored to the respective user.

Oberalp Group

The mountaineering products professional has five own brands and sells exclusive partner brands such as Speedo. The B2B website positions the brand house and is a platform for partners, press and employees.  

South Tyrolean Farmers‘ Association

Agricultural practices must keep up with the times in order to endure. That’s why the new website of the Farmers’ Association makes a point of user-friendliness and puts all their relevant news and services in a nutshell.

VOG Products

VOG Products is an international leader in fruit processing. The large variety of products and themes is represented on a new website, as well as on a FROM landing page. Both are the product of an intense collaboration.


Atzwanger – ahead not only technically, but also digitally. On its website, the leader in the field of plant technologies presents its core working areas, competences, solutions, and references.