Finstral’s windows and doors are sold in 14 European countries. To ensure that they are also optimally presented online, we have not only implemented a website in 9 languages, but also comprehensive web marketing measures.

About the project

After 10 years of productive collaboration, we have already implemented several websites, topic-specific web marketing landing pages, practical tools, and campaigns for Finstral, which we manage on an ongoing basis. Thanks to close coordination and regular, intensive sprint sessions, we have always been able to react quickly to challenges and changes in the market and develop and optimise new strategies together. So far, 640 project hours in the web marketing team and additional markets such as Spain and Portugal show that the full marketing programme is in action for Finstral.


  • Website in 9 languages: concept, screen design, programming, and SEO
  • Programming of various tools and landing pages, as well as additional websites
  • Growth Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine advertising (SEA)
  • Lead routing

The Finstral universe

Finstral has a total of 207 different windows in its product line. In order to maintain an overview, we have also implemented various tools and landing pages. That’s how Finstral Studio, Finstral Contacts, Finstral Cloud, the window planner and the energy saving calculator came to be.

Intelligent technology

25 different forms, 6 interfaces, whereby, for example, enquiries are sent directly to the right contacts, and a sophisticated dealer search with over 2,000 partners, which is updated daily by import - we have devised many a smart solution for Finstral.

Web marketing delivers

In just 3 weeks, our lead ad on the Facebook and Instagram platforms collected a total of 223 Italian contact details. With a budget of just under 430€, we achieved a very low CPL (cost per lead) of 1.93€.

Partners in crime

The collaboration with Finstral shows once again that we are true Growth Partners. Through productive teamwork and an intensive exchange with numerous partners, we were able to implement an optimised workflow and achieve many short-term goals in web marketing.