What to do if the most chilled iced tea in the world ends up in the fast-paced digiverse? An extraordinary concept is needed, both for the visual and text language as well as for the online presence and the entire digital marketing.

About the project

Marketing cannabis iced tea in the digital world without using the word “cannabis”? Not easy, but possible: with a guideline-compliant marketing platform, a separate institutional website and a restyled online shop. However, circumventing restrictions was not the only challenge on the CHILLO roadmap. The aim was to position the brand attractively online with a sophisticated marketing strategy, target group-specific language, casual AI images, chilled content and much more.


  • Digital branding & marketing concept
  • Marketing platform
  • Institutional website
  • Online shop restyling
  • Corporate Language
  • AI-generated images, graphics & video
  • Web marketing 

Welcome to the CHILLOverse

A chilled breeze blows through the lines of the CHILLO marketing platform. It conveys the brand’s philosophy and invites visitors to take a relaxed look at the target group pages, the blog and inspirational pages.



Back to business 

On the institutional website, the focus is on the product: CHILLO, the original cannabis iced tea. Here, iced tea drinkers can find all the information about the ingredients, production and mission of CHILLO.


Sales? We’ve got that covered. 

With all the CHILLspiration and informal entertainment, the actual goal, sales, is not neglected. The institutional website leads directly to the deliberately minimalist and restyled online shop, which invites you to buy.