DAS EDELWEISS Salzburg Mountain Resort

A whole host family in action, 7000 m2 Spa enjoyment and pure idyll in Grossarltal: DAS EDELWEISS is anything but ordinary. It is just this uniqueness that is reflected in the website.  

Hotel Chalet Mirabell

The *****Hotel Chalet Mirabell is one of the leading wellness hotels in South Tyrol. The exclusivity of the hotel is expressed on the website that also includes a room comparison.  

Hotel Therme Meran

The extraordinary wellness oasis “Hotel Therme Meran” offers three spa areas in the heart of the city. The world of relaxation comes to life on a refreshingly modern and CD-compliant website.

ADLER Spa Resorts & Lodges
Portal | Websites | Shop

Guests from all over the world enjoy casual luxury in true dream locations in the ADLER Spa Resorts & Lodges. We implemented a portal, 7 websites and a shop for the group.

Hotel Eggerwirt

The Eggerwirt in the heart of Austria has long been known as an energising place. We have been able to work with the traditional hotel for several years and have created and relaunched its website.

Hotel Avidea
Web marketing

Guests are invited to collect #AVIDEAmoments in a fantastic location in the hotel (almost) of the same name. We have given the holiday spirit a boost with emotional advertisements – with great success!

Parkhotel Mondschein
Web marketing

A beautifully renovated hotel is not yet guarantee for many guests. At the Parkhotel Mondschein in Bozen, we provided digital drive with landing pages, advertisements and much more. 

Hotel Sonnenparadies
Website | Web marketing

Elegant. Full of images. Emotive. The website of the Hotel Sonnenparadies alone awakens the desire for a holiday. Landing pages and other web marketing campaigns have attracted even more guests.