Hettegger Hospitality


What if two renowned hotels that are owned by the same family are both looking for employees? It's simple: they need an HR website that has a standardised appearance and combines the strengths of both companies.  

About the project

The Hettegger family runs DAS EDELWEISS Salzburg Mountain Resort and Hotel EDELWEISS in the Salzburg region in Austria and in Bavaria, Germany, respectively. It is not only the renowned hotels that have long since become a brand, but also the family as an employer. The challenge: to facilitate the search for employees in a modern way and to bring two special businesses together in doing that. The solution: a personalised HR website that 100% represents "Hettegger Hospitality".


  • Digital branding
  • Personalised screen design according to a specially developed CI
  • Job filter by hotel and department
  • Individual landing pages for each job area 
  • Programming

Two hotels, one appearance

Although the two Hettegger businesses are different, they are presented as a strong unit on the HR website. This should make it clear that Hettegger Hospitality stands for high-quality employers and promising jobs.

Personalised = unique

The HR website is 100% personalised; as in the two hotels, nothing here is off-the-peg. All information and incentives for potential employees are available, from the values and benefits to the training opportunities and vacant positions through to the team blog.

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