Hotel Therme Meran


The extraordinary wellness oasis „Hotel Terme Merano” offers a whopping three spa areas right in the middle of the city. On a fresh, modern and CD conform website, the relaxation world comes to life.

About the project

Stylish and personal. Palm trees and mountain tops. Hideaway and city life. Hotel Terme Merano is full of contrasts. All the while, it’s not a city hotel, but a wellness oasis, right in the middle of it. That’s how it’s also presented on the website: with reduced and clean, but very emotional content, the CD conform wave, a blurred effect and a fresh language that makes you want to discover more about Merano and Hotel Terme.


  • Digital branding
  • Responsive screen design
  • Copywriting
  • Programmierung
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Tracking

Insiders’ tips

Where can I buy the best ice cream? Live music in the evening? The best golf course? The HTM insiders will tell you personally on the “Experience Merano” page.

How does variety look?

Naturally enticing! On the hotel landing page, inspirations aren’t only presented. It’s even possible to change the time of day and immerse yourself into the contrasting variety of the hotel.

Watch out for more
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