Raiffeisen Lana


Raiffeisen Lana is part of the cooperative, but still, the bank is set apart. That shows in its campaigns and microsites, in its social media presence and various printed products.

About the project

From a colour and text refresh to a microsite. From a product flyer to a newspaper ad. From a social media post with clever sayings to a sports club minibus. For Raiffeisen Lana, we have created the whole range of content. Creating trust, communicating professionalism, but also, in the face of the serious topic of finances, making you smile from time to time: that was and remains the aim of the collaboration.


  • Corporate design & corporate language
  • Campaigns
  • Microsites & content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Various print products

New colours, new words

Our project has shown that it is still possible to go your own way despite following a consistent cooperative CI. The colours, graphics, fonts and corporate language have been refreshed in order to accentuate the individual strengths of Raiffeisen Lana.

Financial topics, communicated humanly

“When we’re speaking about money, we’re speaking about you” – that’s the stance of Raiffeisen Lana. In the campaign about surplus value and saving, we placed great importance of a clear, transparent communication style that meets you at eye level.

Fifty Shades of Print

Print is more than just printing something out. For Raiffeisen Lana, we have, among other projects, beautified a sportive club minibus, designed a parking meter, elaborated newspaper ads, or drawn attention to new packages via screen displays.