Mila stands for mountain-fresh milk and dairy products from South Tyrol. With product campaigns and creative social media posts, the fan community was encouraged to like, click and interact.

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About the project

Social media posts can do a lot. For example, showcasing new products so that no one can resist them in the shop. Or providing the fan community with exciting content and encouraging them to comment, like and click. In this way, followers are gained, who strengthen the brand, convey the positive image to the outside world and boost sales. With Mila, we turned theory into fact in the campaign period from October 2021 to January 2023.


  • Social media campaigns
  • Product campaigns

Product campaigns

From mozzarella - Fior di Latte to pasture milk yoghurt: we have accompanied many product launches with social media and Google Ads campaigns. 

Only sales in mind?

Much more than that! The aim was also to provide information about the milk product and the Mila cooperative, to inspire, to present employees and to let them look behind the barn doors of the farmer members.

1 brand, 1,000 ideas

Bilingual, CI-compliant and always different: the post formats ranged from descriptive number graphics and video instructions to interactive proverbial sayings.