FC Südtirol

More than just a website: the website of FC Südtirol is the platform for fans. The club, which made it to Serie B, uses it to share real-time news with supporters and sports fans.

About the project

What do football fans want… in the digital world? They want to know the score of the match. To look up statistics and facts about their favourite players. To be always up to date. The new website of FC Südtirol lives up to these expectations. The club, now in Serie B, has found a new online home in this portal, which is open to fans and football lovers, too.

Being on the ball

That’s what the fans of FCS want. Thanks to a live ticker, club news, FCS-TV and integration of social media, the website users can always stay up to date.

Getting close

The FCS player profiles are totally unique: facts and statistics, a gallery, autographed cards and news about every player allow fans to be super close to their idols.