Alpin Arena Schnals


For the glacier skiing area Alpin Arena Schnals, the Glacier Hotel Grawand, the Caravan Park Schnals and the Smart Hotel Firn, we have created four individual, yet visibly connected websites.

About the project

If there’s a place where adventure is guaranteed, it has to be Alpin Arena Schnals in South Tyrol. Experiences await you everywhere between the glacier peaks and the valley head. This is clearly visible on the websites of the Schnalstal Glacier Cable Car and the associated businesses. Although the online appearances are as unique as the ice crystals at the Iceman Ötzi Peak, they are also uniform thanks to a common Corporate Language and design elements. Web marketing measures from SEO optimizations to Google Ads make sure that guests continuously find their way onto the website and then into the picturesque Schnalstal Valley.


Alpin Arena Schnals

Glacier Hotel Grawand

Caravan Park Schnals 

Smart Hotel Firn


  • Digital branding
  • Responsive screen design
  • Copywriting
  • TYPO3 programming
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Tracking
  • Web marketing