Growth Marketing: eCommerce with Italian delicacies  



We are deeply immersed in the eCommerce world. Our team runs the food online shop Vinusta is an eCommerce platform for Italian delicacies. We manage everything from A to Z, from purchasing to warehousing, sales and customs clearance to logistics and customer service. We are well acquainted with the subject matter and know what a million online sales feel like... simply fantastic!


We don't want to be the classic internet marketing agency, we want to be your digital growth agency. Vinusta is the proof that we have what it takes. 

Objectives of the growth project:
  • doubling the turnover in the first 2 years
  • preparing a digital basis for sustainable growth
  • setting Shopware 6 for digital campaigns, marketing automation, tracking and more 

Growth Marketing

Growth Mindset 

  • collaboration in the growth team: continuous exchange and involvement of the store managers and buyers
  • maximum transparency and knowledge transfer
  • advertising and campaign management 
  • flexible media budgets

  • creation of the Business Model Canvas
  • elaboration of a Value Proposition Canvas

Sales funnels & experiments 
  • compilation of different types of sales funnels
  • experiments and tests along the entire customer journey
  • optimisation of the online shop conversions


Growth Talks, eCommerce

Our own eCommerce: Vinusta

More than an agency: We run the food online shop Vinusta in-house and know exactly what eCommerce customers need.  
Denis Pellegrini
by Denis Pellegrini
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