Vi. P. - apples from Val Venosta


The client and the goals

VIP is the association of Val Venosta’s producers of fruit and vegetables. The cooperative specialises in growing apples and attaches great importance to farming and harvesting methods that are in harmony with nature, as well as perfect product quality.The objective of the collaboration between VIP and Zeppelin was to create a holistic online world for consumers and fans as well as a comprehensive B2B platform.





  • Profiling & branding: New website as something that would strengthen the brand
  • Responsive web design: Best usability on all end devices
  • Content marketing: Well thought-out content marketing concept



  • Lively and natural screen design aligned to the new logo/packaging
  • Strong imagery that brings the brand personality to life
  • Reduced, clear user interface that stays the same on all end devices
  • Language that expresses friendliness, warmth and a down-to-earth attitude
  • Development of a key concept that emphasises the character of the brand
  • Emotional content mix made up of video, images and information
  • Storytelling: high-quality content to strengthen the brand and trust
  • Integration of all social media content
  • Separate B2B area focusing on VIP's positioning as a "First Class Apple Partner"


  • Editing system & CRM: website implementation with Zeppelin Amplifier.



digital branding
content marketing
responsive website
search engine optimization (SEO)
CMS editing system
CRM marketing database
Good Vibrations