Quifarmacista - GABA VEBAS

B2B project of GABA VEBAS for the target group pharmacists
Microsite, Content Marketing & Promotions


Quifarmacista.it is a project of GABA VEBAS. The company is a part of the Colgate Palmolive Group and its brands elmex, meridol and aronal the specialist's in theme "Oral Care".
The site Quifarmacista.it was developed as a reference point for pharmacists on the internet and as landing page for various web marketing activities.


  • Concept, design and programming of the website
  • Communication with the target audience pharmacists
  • Establishment of a profiled marketing database
  • Content marketing: creation of relevant content for the website or the Facebook presence
  • Profiled web marketing campaign to generate visitors for Mircosite: media planning, search engine advertising, display advertising on relevant portals, DEM shipping via B2B databases, newsletter marketing, marketing with FB Ads and Fanpage


digital branding
facebook apps
search engine advertising (SEA)
email marketing
display advertising
multi channel campaigns
CMS editing system
CRM marketing database
newsletter tool
Good Vibrations