Naturkäserei Tegernsee

New website for the cooperative 

The client and the goals

The Naturkäserei Tegernsee cheese dairy was founded in 2007 by a group of farmers committed to taking control of processing and marketing their milk and dairy products. Since then, they have been making a stand against falling milk prices and battling for more independence and for the maintenance of local structures. The cheese dairy produces a variety of hay milk specialities and manages a show cheese dairy, a shop and a restaurant. 

The objectives of the new website

  • to optimise the website for all sizes of screen
  • to provide clearer presentation of the product variety   
  • to highlight the concept of a cooperative  
  • to give visibility to the core themes of regional focus, structures and sustainability

Project description

Strategy & Sales Promotion

  • concept, screen design and the implementation of a responsive website 
  • structured, detailed product overview 
  • own page for the farmers to emphasise the family aspect

Emotionality & Content
  • responsive screen design with large images and graphic effects to set the mood   
  • plenty of space for story-telling and personal insights 
  • magazine with news and recipes
  • support service for photo shoots and copy-writing to ensure that the contents and the website concept are optimally matched



  • flexible and user-friendly CMS 
  • modular construction system
  • sophisticated point of sale search with filter options


digital branding
information architecture
responsive website
CMS editing system
Good Vibrations