Responsive website and web marketing campaign

The client and the goals

Mastertent, with its 50,000 customers, is the world’s market leader in production of high quality folding tents. The company has an international sales network and has a presence in 25 countries across the world.

Mastertent tents are manufactures from A to Z in-house and stand out for being easy to pitch, being easy to personalise, their great variety and their high quality.

  • Relaunch of the website
  • Sales support
  • Increase of sales via the web marketing campaign

The project and solution

  • We started the concept, design and implementation of the mobile website with the approach of “Mobile First”, to develop the desktop version at a later stage.
  • The great challenge was to split the extensive content so that only relevant content was visible on the mobile website while a click is needed to access secondary content. User-friendliness is thus maintained and the visitor is not over-burdened with long texts.
  • Screen design that awakens emotions using format-filling pictures.
  • Implementation of the responsive website.
  • Inclusion of landing-pages as target page for the web marketing campaigns.
  • Integration of a magazine to build confidence and communicate the brand values.
  • Inclusion of a tent configuration tool to help users find the best tent for their requirements.
  • We succeeded in increasing the conversion rate with the new page.
Web marketing
  • Google AdWords in the French and Italian markets with the aim of generating product enquiries 
  • Facebook campaign for Italy 
  • Remarketing: We trace visitors to the website with animated banners to remind them and generate enquiries at a later stage. 


digital branding
search engine optimization (SEO)
search engine advertising (SEA)
CMS editing system
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