Luis Trenker

eCommerce & growth: growing continuously


Luis Trenker is THE fashion cult label from South Tyrol. A brand that builds on tradition and convictions because trends come and go, but values remain. The brand transports the universe of mountaineering legend Luis Trenker into our time and not only wins over more and more customers, but also high-grade partners.

There is a long-standing cooperation between Zeppelin and Luis Trenker, from the creation of the online shop in 2012, the relaunch and numerous web marketing campaigns to the ongoing growth process.

The goal is to build on the very good results of the past and to break new ground to achieve decisive progress.

Objectives of the growth project:
  • development of the digital basis and marketing automation
  • leveraging new visitor sources
  • sales increase
  • influencer marketing

Growth Marketing

Growth Mindset

  • collaboration in the growth team: continuous exchange and involvement of the client
  • maximum transparency and knowledge transfer
  • advertising and campaign management via the client's account
  • flexible media budgets


  • creation of the Business Model Canvas
  • elaboration of a Value Proposition Canvas
  • online shop and ongoing web marketing support

Sales funnels & experiments

  • compilation of different types of sales funnels
  • experiments and tests along the entire customer journey
  • influencer marketing strategy


In the Growth Talk with Denis, Stefanie Hocher from Luis Trenker confirms: "Growth marketing is accelerating our growth. This year, online turnover is growing between 50% and 100% per month."
In addition to sales, growth marketing has also increased individual purchases, the amount of items sold, and the overall e-commerce conversion rate.



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Growth Experiments
Growth Marketing
Influencer Marketing
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Value Proposition Canvas
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