Philosophy of Beer Brought to the Screen  

The client and the goals

The Kiem family’s great love for authentic quality beer started in 1961 with imports from Germany and the former Czechoslovakia. The Italian market is dominated by national brands and Kiem opens up new horizons for beer fans with its import service. Over the years, more and more big names have been added and Kiem’s “Philosophy of Beer” has been taking shape. This philosophy is what the company has been focusing on until now because “a real beer is an individual with character, an artist, unique and incomparable”. A beer will only get added to the Kiem range once it has fulfilled all this criteria.

Objectives of the new website

  • Creation of a clear and detailed information source for (potential) customers
  • Better targeting and more traffic to the website 
  • Longer time spent on the website thanks to optimised usability  
  • Emotional customer connection (focus: Philosophy of Beer)
  • Greater visibility and stronger presence on the Italian market

Project description

Strategy & Structure 

  • Design, screen design and implementation of a responsive website
  • Optimised usability on all end devices 
  • Better product presentation 
  • Clear and intuitive structure 

 Emotionality & Content

  • Balance between professionalism and emotionality 
  • Balance between professionalism and emotionality 
  • Detailed and clear product profile 
  • Strong focus on the “Philosophy of Beer” and on the Kiem family values 



  • Modular system 
  • TYPO3 CMS  


digital branding
information architecture
responsive website
search engine optimization (SEO)
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