Intercom Dr. Leitner

Responsive Website

The client and the goals

Our client is active in a wide variety of areas and frequently serves niche markets with their products. Intercom Dr. Leitner makes products which can be categorised to these groups: ice, roads, airports and runways, all terrain. 

Intercom sells quadbikes and snowmobiles, airport rotary snow ploughs, weather systems, street monitoring, silos and much more. They also offer personalised and turnkey solutions for ice rinks.
The different target groups that the products are aimed at are as many and varied as the range of products.

  • Realisation of an emotional but primarily simple and clear web-site on which all the products are presented.
  • Generation of enquiries for our client.

The project and solution

  • Concept, design and programing of a modular web-site, which works like a portal and which bundles the four different product groups and links them to their own product pages.
  • Each of the product pages is independent of the others and can function alone. The ice area was configured somewhat differently to the others because this deals much more with personalised projects rather than products.
  • The linear screen design which has been reduced to the essentials provides a very emotional entrance to the individual products and similarly emotional product pages to inspire the visitor to make an enquiry.
  • Prominent placement of the Calls to Action to generate enquiries via the website.
  • A/B testing, to be sure that the new site converts well and generates enquiries.
  • Inclusion of a magazine to give visitors insights into completed projects. Inclusion of a filter which categorises the completed projects into the four product groups.


digital branding
responsive website
search engine optimization (SEO)
CMS editing system
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