Innsbruck Marketing

A sophisticated multiportal for Innsbruck, the capital city of Tyrol

The client and the goals

Innsbruck, oh what a wonderful Alpine town! The state capital of Tyrol is ideally situated amidst majestic mountains and is home to a mix of vibrant city life and a diverse cultural scene, locally inspired cuisine and long-established restaurants.When Innsbruck published a call for tenders for a multiportal based on its brand, Zeppelin wasted no time and promptly won the contract. We used the time following thereafter to develop a digital brand and communication strategy and a multiportal that stands out in terms of sophisticated technology as well as emotional impact.;

The objectives

  • Flawless digital presentation and integration of all online sites into in one coherent multiportal
  • Development of a digital brand and communication strategy
  • Development of one common visual language for a consistent brand experience
  • Expansion of online presence through various multiportal website launches
  • Technical relaunch

Project description

Solution & project

  • Several workshops on the subject of branding and strategy
  • Advice on internal organisation and communication
  • Target group definition and analysis (needs, wishes and fears)
  • Repositioning of the company (predominantly online, but not exclusively)
  • Definition of keywords and claim
  • Development of the company’s own image and the redesign of the company logo
  • Concept, screen design and implementation of a responsive website
  • Well-thought-out web marketing strategies
  • Content marketing




digital branding
information architecture
user experience
mobile design
responsive website
CMS editing system
Good Vibrations