Responsive website & web marketing

The client and the goals

When Ezio Brugnara and Guglielmo Chistè founded the FAL company in Lavis back in 1962, they both shared a passion for natural wood. In the 90s, what had once begun as a timber business now became a wood processing company, specialising in processing laminated beams and X-Lam walls. Today, the children and grandchildren run the company – keeping its traditions alive whilst keeping a constant eye on the future.The uniqueness of wood as a material is now also being emphasised through the new website and the repositioning of the brand, and tailored online marketing solutions are being developed.;

The objectives

  • Repositioning of the company and relaunch of the brand
  • Website as something to strengthen the brand
  • Target group-specific communication
  • Customer acquisition with the aim of securing the long-term success of the company

Project description

Solution & project

  • Several workshops on the subject of branding and strategy
  • Advice on internal organisation and communication
  • Target group definition and analysis (needs, wishes and fears)
  • Repositioning of the company (predominantly online, but not exclusively)
  • Definition of keywords and claim
  • Development of the company’s own image and the redesign of the company logo
  • Concept, screen design and implementation of a responsive website
  • Well-thought-out web marketing strategies
  • Content marketing




digital branding
information architecture
responsive website
search engine optimization (SEO)
CMS editing system
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