Hypo Vorarlberg Leasing

Website relaunch and web marketing

The client and the goals

Hypo Vorarlberg Leasing provides its approximately 12,000 customers with risk-free financing in the areas of real estate and machinery. Founded in 1991 on the model of its Austrian parent company, it has always focused on transparency and first-class advice. The company also takes its social responsibility seriously and specifically promotes the cultural development of South Tyrol.

The goals of the new website:

  • Orientation towards the newly elaborated CI 
  • responsive design 
  • A professional and customer-oriented appearance 

Project description

Strategy & Structure 

  • Concept, screen design and implementation of a responsive website 
  • simple and clear structure with easily accessible content 
  • Always visible contact area 
Emotionality & Content
  • Positioning Hypo Vorarlberg Leasing as a "handshake partner" with quick and uncomplicated solutions 
  • Screendesign taking into account the new CI 
  • Design and copywriting expressing professionalism while creating proximity


  • flexible and user-friendly CMS 
  • modular modular system
  • branch search 

Web marketing

  • Informative and confidence-building social media posts (Linkedin & Facebook)
  • SEA for different target groups in South Tyrol, Trentino and the rest of Italy 
  • Job Recruiting 


digital branding
information architecture
responsive website
CMS editing system
Good Vibrations