Hotel Eder & Hotel SEPP

Sales tool ReGuest

The client and the goals

One ”right in the middle“ of Maria Alm, the other one ”exSEPPtional“ and only for guests over 21: the Hotel Eder and the Alpine Boutique Hotel SEPP from the Eder Collection are just as special as they seem. When it comes to cordiality, togetherness, active mountain adventures and unconstrained pleasure, they leave nothing to be desired. 

What our client wished for was an uncomplicated and efficient sales tool. 

Project description

  • a simple handling of the requests for both hotels (made possible through a multi-property extension for Hotel SEPP)
  • the preparation of website-based personalized and emotive offers in the hotels’ CDs
  • a better performance: more bookings thanks to offers with content that is tailored to each guest’s needs and preferences
  • direct and smooth guest communication via integrated messenger
  • success monitoring thanks to extensive statistics and analysis functions


Sales tool ReGuest
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