International competition

The client and the goals

Our client, Dynafit, is a manufacturer of sports articles for mountain endurance sports. The brand defines itself as a brand by athletes for athletes. They do indeed work closely with athletes in their product development. 

The company’s aim is to maunufacture innovative and high-quality products that reflect the brand values of lightness, technologie, endurance and speed in the finenst detail.
  • Development of the “Mountopia“ competition on an international level 

The project and solution

The Competition 
The competition is about realisation of a dream. Participants send in their dream, or a challenge they would love to take on. It might be a mountain they would like to climb, or an expedition or race in which they would like to participate.
Participants communicate their dream, set up a training plan and train. They record instances of their training and share these in social networks. Now it is about collecting as many Likes as possible and convincing the judges. 
10 of the participants get shortlisted and have to prove themselves. Only one will win. The winner will be supported in achieving his or her Mountopia with money and material prizes from Dynafit.
Our Task 
We are supporting our client in the successful development of the international competition and ensuring that all legal requirements are complied with. We will create the rules and monitor that the type of the contest, the time frame and the precise conditions of participation, framework conditions and prizes, the communication of the winner, the prize award and possible recourses are defined.
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