Durst Group

Website relaunch for the international company

The client and the goals

Durst is a leading manufacturer of digital printing and production technologies with headquarters in Bressanone, South Tyrol. The company with worldwide subsidiaries is one of the largest and most successful in this field. Durst distributes large format printers, inks and software and caused a sensation in 2018 with the world novelty P5. We had the honour to deliver the microsite for it and since then, we have steadily continued the appreciative cooperation. 

The main goal of the Durst website relaunch in the new CD was a clear online presence structured according to the application areas.

The goals:  
  • more user-friendliness and optimised SEO rankings thanks to the restructured content
  • Product Finder integration for quick product searches
  • more client contact and visits to the Virtual Showroom
  • graphics in line with the new CD
  • optimal product detail pages   
  • extensibility of the website thanks to a flexible modular system 


Strategy & Sales Promotion
  • concept, screen design and implementation of the new website as well as design of the Durst Habitat shop
  • new structuring of the website according to the application areas with the aim of improving SEO rankings, ensuring greater user-friendliness and making the website clearer overall
  • layout based on the new CD: graphics in black and white with colourful images ("We print all colours between black and white")
  • Product Finder: quick search for products as a fixed bar
  • integration of the Virtual Showroom, which is constantly being expanded; users are led there directly at the end of the product detail pages
  • sophisticated filter functions and product detail pages

Emotionality & Content 
  • data entry (content supplied by the client) in 5 languages
  • sensibly structured content; balance between appealing images and technical information
  • possibility to include topic-specific articles and stories on relevant pages  

  • programming with Typo 3
  • Product Finder for quick searches for specific products
  • sophisticated linking logic (e.g. matching inks and products according to the area of application)
  • flexible modular system with 40 modules: the CMS was prepared for the customer so that he can change or add content easily and quickly 
  • integration of the Virtual Showroom
  • SEO-compliant page layout and special redirects  


information architecture
responsive website
search engine optimization (SEO)
CMS editing system
Good Vibrations