Responsive Website

The client and the goals

Our client, Brida, has been producing furniture, houses, roof trusses, balconies and much more out of wood since 1990.  The company’s core market is the South Tyrol.
Thanks to its years of experience, Brida can see straight away what its customers want. For our client wood is more than just a raw material: it is an expression of love for traditional craftsmanship, the passion for wooden construction and striving for innovation.
  • The website should appeal to various target groups: architects, hoteliers and private builders
  • Skills in handling wood should be evident im 
  • USPs should be clearly communicated

The project and solution

  • Design, screen design and implementation of the responsive website
  • The raw material of wood is repeatedly put on display, by integrating wooden elements amongst other things 
  • The various target groups are appealed to directly by various menu points. Ability to personalise and individual configuration are in the foreground.
  • The company’s creativity and craftsmanship are communicated by the references and the magazine, along with the possibilities offered by the raw material of wood.
  • Storytelling as  a central element of the website: our client will tell all about completed projects.


digital branding
search engine optimization (SEO)
CMS editing system
CRM marketing database
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