Baja Hotels

A group of 4 hotels in Sardinia
Responsive Website & sales tool ReGuest


The Baja hotels are situated on the Costa Smeralda in Sardinia. They are nestled in a breathtaking ambiance and untouched nature on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean. Guests spend memorable days, enjoy the atmosphere, the many included services and Mediterranean cuisine.

We have developed 5 websites for our customers that emphasize the Italian way of life and the uniqueness of a stay in one of the 4 Baja Hotels.

The goals
  • Emotional presentation of the Costa Smeralda and the 4 Baja Hotels on one Holiday Portal and 4 websites
  • Increasing of requests and bookings directly on the website
  • Presentation of tenders and included services
  • Convert more requests into bookings thanks to the sales tools ReGuest


  • Digital Branding: Positioning off the Baja Hotels in the Web
  • Creation of an emotional concept that the Costa Smeralda presents as a holiday destination, highlighting the common benefits of the 4 hotels and the services included highlights
  • Elaboration of the flat screen design: the client should, with the help of large-scale emotional images, get a glimpse of his stay 
  • Emotional presentation of rooms, rates and included services
  • Programming of responsive, SEO optimized website
  • CMS editorial system: thanks to the intuitive content management system, the customer has the ability to maintain self-content in the website.
  • Installation of a booking module in the website
  • Sales Tool ReGuest: thanks to the emotional offers and a direct real-time communication with the customer, we will be able to convert more inquires into bookings


responsive website
search engine optimization (SEO)
CMS editing system
online booking
Sales tool ReGuest
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