Growth marketing in the pawn credit sector   

The client and the goals

Affide is the largest pawn credit company in Europe with branches all over Italy. Authorised and controlled by Banca d'Italia, Affide offers its approximately 150,000 clients fast, discreet and uncomplicated cash loans in change of a deposit in the form of jewellery or other valuables. 

The company also issues professional valuations and organises auctions in Rome, Milan, Palermo and Catania. The main objective of the growth project with Zeppelin was the acquisition and reactivation of credit and auction clients.

Objectives of the growth project: 
  • new client acquisition in the area of credits and auctions
  • increase in policy renewals   
  • reactivation of inactive clients
  • optimisation of upselling strategies
  • more returning auction visitors

Growth Marketing

Growth Mindset  
  • collaboration in the growth team: continuous exchange and involvement of the client
  • maximum transparency and knowledge transfer
  • advertising and campaign management via the client's account
  • flexible media budgets
  • creation of the Business Model Canvas
  • elaboration of a Value Proposition Canvas
Web marketing
  • proximity marketing for 38 branches
  • SEA and display banners
  • social media marketing (inspiration, performance, remarketing)
  • SEO
  • content marketing & seeding
  • newsletter marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • generic, branch- and topic-specific landing pages (e.g. for reactivating "sleeping" clients or for easy management of contract documents) 
  • Through the growth measures and returning clients, 17,400 leads instead of the targeted 2,500 were generated.
Sales funnels & experiments
  • compilation of different types of sales funnels
  • experiments and tests along the entire customer journey


content marketing
search engine optimization (SEO)
search engine advertising (SEA)
Social Media Marketing
multi channel campaigns
Business Model Canvas
Growth Experiments
Growth Marketing
Sales Funnels
Value Proposition Canvas
Good Vibrations