Web marketing
for hotels


The same applies to web marketing for hotels: strategy + creativity = growth. With the right technologies and a real dream team, we put our growth formula into practice.

Invest 1€,
earn 10€

That's our claim for your business, whether in the mountains or in the city, in a B&B or luxury hotel.

Your numbers
in your hands

We provide you with real-time reports with the results that really interest you. This allows you to keep your investments under control and us to optimise your campaigns on an ongoing basis.

The mix
for more

Web marketing without a strategy and creativity is like a landing page without visitors: ineffective. We combine both and link them with the right channels and technologies.


Wherever your target group is, we are too. Utilise the full web marketing potential for your hotel!

Google Ads & Display

Increasing visibility and interactions and addressing potential guests in a target group and phase-appropriate manner: that's the goal of our Google Ads and creative display banners.

Social Media Marketing

Based on our strategy, we create, publish and promote posts on the most popular social media channels, from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn.

YouTube Ads

On YouTube, you can raise your brand profile and increase your reach. We work with you to find the right videos and attract targeted visitors to your website. 

Spotify Ads

You can also draw users' attention to you using Spotify: via the audio format (already prepared or recorded by Spotify) or the video format.


New audiences, new trends, new challenges: we set up campaigns on TikTok that make you visible and let you ride the waves of modern social media.

Web Marketing
Landing Pages

Landing pages are the "landing point" to which users arrive via posts, adverts, etc. We present your strengths clearly and lead them directly to the enquiry or booking.

SEO & Content Marketing

If you constantly offer new content, your website will be visited more often. Thanks to SEO, you attract high-profile users who have the potential to make an enquiry or booking.

Email Marketing
& Automations

Newsletters are anything but outdated. Used correctly, they are one of the cheapest and most effective ways to strengthen guest loyalty and generate bookings.

Extra Services

We go far beyond typical agency services. Discover how we can further enhance your results.

Sales Automation

We coordinate your (email) communication so that room sales run "automatically" and optimise your sales funnel as required.

User Experience
& Click Rate

We analyse the user experience on your website and ensure a positive user experience. We also take measures to increase your ad click-through rate.

Mystery Check

How does the Guest Journey work from the first point of contact to the enquiry at your hotel? Mystery checks show specifically where there is a need for optimisation.

Report Checkup

Whether it's about your website or your web marketing campaigns: we check whether your reports contain all the important data and which insights you are still missing.

Brand Image

From the logo and claim to the language and image concept, we accompany you on your way to a strong brand. Only those who are unique stand out and convince!

Hotel sales,
but done properly?

Web marketing is just one aspect of many. If you want to take your digital hotel sales to the highest level, take a look at our growth concept for hotels.

Leading Spa Resorts
Web marketing

Campaigns at the highest level: display ads and social media posts draw attention to the Leading Spa Resorts month after month. We have been digitally supporting the association of leading wellness hotels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Croatia for years.

Hotel Belvedere
Website | Web marketing

A Spotify ad in Swiss German? Anything is possible in web marketing. For Hotel Belvedere in San Genesio in South Tyrol, we let the full range of web marketing potential unfold its effect. A new website will also follow shortly.

Dolomites Hotel La Fradora
Website | Web marketing

Simple but high-performing landing pages have been helping "La Fradora" in Alta Badia to attract many more guests for many years. Another partner where website, email marketing and SEA literally pay off.

They are already growing

...together with us and beyond their imagination. Our web marketing clients motivate us to preserve the tried and tested and not shy away from the new.

Web marketing for your hotel.
Only smarter.