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For a quarter of a century, we have been creating websites for hotels that are not only "offline" frontrunners, but also want to stand out in the digital world.



Show yourself! Your hotel website is your digital figurehead.

As such, it not only puts you in the spotlight, but it also attracts potential guests and plays a decisive role in your enquiry and booking success. That's why we devote our full attention to every aspect of your hotel website: from positioning, graphics, and texts to SEO, tracking and personalisation.

Strategy & Creativity

Strategy from data, creativity from passion: this is the base for our hotel websites.

Your hotel website is one of your main sales channels. For it to sell, it has to work, so we work with you to outline how and according to what logic it is structured. Add a good dose of creativity on top and you have the best prospects of a Leading Hotel website that not only looks good, but also sells well.

Design & User Experience

You eat with your eyes first. We ensure aesthetics and a flawless user experience.

Digital branding is the first step on your "Stairway to Growth". We showcase your brand with customised graphics and the right texts. Our web design approach is data-based - not based on gut instinct, but on the minds of your guests. We know where things should be placed so that your website visitors find what they are looking for - and ultimately book!

Programming & Technology

The technology behind your hotel website: invisible, but essential.

Without lots of zeros and ones in the background, your website would be... nothing! We program in the open-source CMS TYPO3. Targeted SEO measures enable you to stay in the fast lane, achieve better rankings and higher visibility. Within the framework of data protection laws, we also follow the tracks of your visitors on the web and can use the tracking data to customise marketing to their interests.

Getting personal
with Re:Guest

Let's be honest: Do you want your website visitors to feel anonymous or addressed in a completely personalized way? Thanks to the interface to the Re:Guest software, we personalise your website along the entire Guest Journey. The Re:Guest data makes it possible to greet users by name, show them their favourite room, display content according to their preferences and much more.

DAS EDELWEISS Salzburg Mountain Resort

An entire host family at work, 7000 m2 of spa enjoyment and pure idyll in the Grossarl Valley: DAS EDELWEISS is anything but ordinary. It is precisely this uniqueness that is reflected on the website.

Hotel Chalet Mirabell

The *****Hotel Chalet Mirabell is one of the leading wellness hotels in South Tyrol. The exclusivity of the hotel is expressed on the website that also includes a room comparison.  

ADLER Spa Resorts & Lodges
Portal | Websites | Shop

Guests from all over the world enjoy casual luxury in true dream locations in the ADLER Spa Resorts & Lodges. We implemented a portal, 7 websites and a shop for the group.

Hotel Therme Meran

The extraordinary wellness oasis “Hotel Therme Meran” offers three spa areas in the heart of the city. The world of relaxation comes to life on a refreshingly modern and CD-compliant website.

Almwellness Hotel Pierer
Website | HR website

Almwellness Hotel Pierer is one of the most renowned holiday hotspots in Styria. The promise “holidays on a higher level” stands above everything and is also expressed on the website and HR website.

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