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Hotel Adler in Andalo overlooks everything

The guest’s journey already begins before the arrival: our client wants to be present from the beginning and provide the guests the best solution. That suits us fine, because we also consider a constant presence as very profitable. We realized a responsive website for the four-star hotel in Andalo, besides, our client attended a cooperation campaign, is active on our portals and uses our sales tool ReGuest. 
The visitor is now on our website; he clicks from one page to the next, looks at everything and finally sends a request.
Or at best, he books directly on the website: that is when our booking engine goes into action.
Purchase decision: Requests turn into bookings
The incoming requests are processed by our client by means of our sales tool ReGuest.
At this point, based on canned text modules, the hotelier makes emotional and customized offers. Our client uses our tool in 3 languages: German, Italian, English.
We are now in the crucial phase: the decision and purchase phase.
That is when our sales tool is used; it supports our client to turn interested persons into guests. Thanks to emotional offers which are not presented as simple emails but on a personalized platform, we are able to turn more requests into bookings. With the help of the integrated chats, our client can answer all the guest’s questions in real time, and therefore, he has a crucial competitive advantage over the competitors. 
Customer loyalty: eternal fidelity
This point is the most important one: the client needs to establish a permanent bond with the guests. On the one hand, this can work by newsletters which are sent to the client’s contacts. On the other hand, magazines can help which were integrated into the website. On the website, guests can keep up-to-date about the events in the hotel.
The eagle stroke - literally. What are you waiting for? 
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