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Wine from South Tyrol A toast to ...

Wine from South Tyrol A toast to ...

2. Collaboration

„Success is always the outcome of teamwork.” 
A continuous exchange is essential for a project with multiple participants. It was possible to keep communication comprehensible and transparent for everybody thanks to the Microsoft Teams platform. Given the complexity of the communication channels, this was absolutely essential. 
We noticed the Zeppelin team also discussed internally what the best possible solutions could be. 
Working together on such extensive website projects is a major challenge and misunderstandings between the work groups can occur.
But we were able to master all the challenges right the way through and managed to realise our project within the given time frame. We were surprised – and, of course, delighted! 

3. The result

When commitment bears fruit  
Elegant, modern, straightforward with subtle touches – together, we have created an online presence that matches our ideas and expectations. Feedback on the new website has been overwhelmingly positive, the elegant graphics received special praise. The project is not quite over yet. The winegrowers will be featured more prominently soon and additional pages are also in the works. Of one thing we are certain, though, that the next steps will be executed well too.  

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