Part 2 of our values series: why we love challenges and how we master them. An interview with Zeppelin founder Michael Mitterhofer.


“We perform at a high level“ is part of Zeppelin’s values. What does your high performance consist of? 

High performance is part of our DNA. We live high performance for our clients: marketing budgets and consulting are used in a way to maximise the client’s revenue and with growth marketing, this concept is now being taken to the next level. Every employee works to maximise the performance of campaigns and landing pages.

Websites and online shops are trimmed to high performance, so that they convert better with existing visitor numbers and generate more revenue.

Re:Guest is the instrument for high performance sales in hotels. The goal is to get more bookings out of the offers, to generate more revenue from regular customers with the help of sales automation and to have more fun at work at the same time.

What is more our new start-up offers hotel clients the possibility to profit directly from high performance sales. Via telephone sales, even more concrete bookings are made from open requests.

And last but not least: following our value “Work hard, party harder“ we also celebrate “hard” when Corona allows it.  


Your tip for successfully mastering challenges?

Sit back calmly, analyse the challenge, think about it, plan it. And carry out the plan! There is no goal too big to be achieved and no problem too big to be solved.


How would you complete this sentence: At Zeppelin, we like challenges because…? 

…we grow with them.  


A challenge you are looking forward to: 

To the successful expansion of our High Performance Sales division in combination with Zeppelin and Re:Guest in one office.

I am also looking forward to the time when all Zeppelinos come together again on site to work with fun and commitment on the success of our customers.


Those who do not accept challenges… 

…will not get ahead.  


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