The best ReGuest Ever

We bring guests a little bit closer to their holiday experience.

The holiday experience begins, as is well-known, before arrival. Even as soon as the offer, long before the guests enters their chosen hotel. 
That is exactly what ReGuest is about. We have now updated our sales tool to turn even more enquiries into bookings.
We have developed ReGuest to share the holiday experience better in the offer stage. ReGuest appeared more than three years ago and revolutionised room sales with emotional offers. At that time, moving holiday offers from old-fashioned e-mail to an offer website was pioneering work.

Why do guests book?
Three years after the introduction of our sales tool,  we have set ourselves a new target. We wanted to understand what influences guests‘ decisions in the offer stage. We wanted to find a solution which would turn more enquiries into bookings. 
Let’s look at how does that. Booking is a leader in this respect and shows us day after day how how visitors become guests. Evaluations are involved in their decisions as elements of trust. Confirmations such as“ you have the best prices“ or scarcity such as „only one room left“ reassure the visitor who then books. 
We have built all these elements into ReGuest too. Our clients have the ability to build in activating news, recommendations and trust elements directly into the offer. You can reassure potential guests and guide their choice. 

The best ReGuest ever
That isn‘t all. We have completely updated the ReGuest offer website. It offers a user experience which is more like a website. Large, emotional pictures linked to texts create even more continuity  between web and offer. That stirs emotions and enthuses the guest.

The new-style integration of ReGuest Messenger via an innovative split-screen view makes contacting the hotel even more attractive to the guest. It offers guests the ability of keeping the offer in view during real-time contact with the hotel and asking specific questions. The experience of recent years shows how important these interactions with guests are: 34% of those who receive a ReGuest offer use the opportunity to contact the hotel via Messenger. And more than half of these then book.

The Final Flourish
Together with our clients and their experiences, we have provided ReGuest with further functions like online check-in, birthday notifications, bookable additional services and extended statistics.
Curious? You can find out all about Amplifier and ReGuest here.
We would love to hear from you if you have any questions.
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