Success is always the outcome of teamwork

Part 1 of our values series: why we are convinced that only teamwork leads to success and how we live it every day.  



Can you imagine how much potential lies dormant in a team of roughly 65? We can. And to make full use of it, we have introduced our Fridate Barcamp. It takes place regularly and offers space for opinions, ideas and requests that might get lost in the daily routine. Everyone is invited to propose topics that are then discussed in smaller groups. This way, everyone gets a chance to participate and to contribute to the common development. Besides, we love chatting and discussing in a relaxed atmosphere.

We don’t limit ourselves to working together behind the screens. We also like to be together in private and during the breaks, whether for a cup of coffee or at the weekend. We are convinced: who gets on well privately becomes unbeatable in a team. 

We obviously celebrate our successes when we come together for our company events. And they prove once again:

Success is always the outcome of teamwork!

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