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SEO tips for online shops

9 tips you can apply immediately

get on top owner Oliver Hauser knows them all: the SEO hacks successful online stores use. In his video, he presents 9 of them and shows that SEO is essential, but not as difficult as you might think. Try it out!

Which SEO tools are a must for every online shop owner? Why are unique texts so important and what should you do if a product is no longer available?

Oliver Hauser is the owner of the Salzburg-based online marketing agency get on top gmbh. In his video, he clarifies 9 questions that are often asked by his clients. He shows once again that it is the seemingly small things that make the big difference in search engine optimization - and that SEO is not just for experts.

Get 9 exclusive practical tips from the organizer of the SEOkomm and test them in your own online shop!


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