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Pfösl relaunch:
who, how, why?

We asked around

Can you tell us some of the highlights of the new website?

Anja: Apart from the simple, elegant design, the room comparison is definitely a highlight of the website. A wide range of room categories can make the choice difficult for the guest. By comparing rooms, he can compare up to three rooms and quickly and easily find the right one. Click points also help to emphasise the special features of the rooms and make it clear what distinguishes one from the other. 
Our ReGuest Messenger will also be integrated into the website soon. This will be the last step into the age of personalisation and marketing automation. 

Liliana, is your job done with the launch of the website?

Liliana: No, our cooperation does not end with the online launch of the website, of course. It’s still very important to keep it up-to-date. Our ‘Page Builder’, which is also available for the new Hotel Pfösl website now, gives customers a high degree of freedom when it comes to editing and designing their own website. Hotel Pfösl works very hard on the website, updates the content continuously and adds new content. Now they can easily work on the website themselves and, of course, we always stay on hand if they need support or help when the going gets tough. 😉

Brigitte, all in all, would you give the project a thumbs up?

Brigitte Zelger: Of course, I know that with Zeppelin I am always in good hands and have a very flexible partner.

Out of interest, do your guests also mention the new website? 

Brigitte Zelger: Yes, a lot, even the old site was a very nice site and we have always received great feedback. In my opinion, it is important to only communicate what is actually to be found in the hotel. 

Well, got curious?
Take a look at the new Pfösl website!
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