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Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man.

With much sympathy, enthusiasm and passion to success - quality pays of.

We conceived and created a website in a responsive web design for our client the bakery Knapp in Gais. The goal of the project: the authenticity, the down-to-earth attitude and especially the online presentation of the natural quality of the products.
Visitors of the website would love nothing better than to bite into the screen. The crust is crispy, the inside soft - that’s how it is supposed to be. The scent of the fresh bread is being achieved by only looking at the pictures - a synesthesia of the sense!
The photos of the website were specially shot, we created the briefing for the shooting and were in charge on site. The results were impressive.
Witty sayings, captivating design
Now it is Mara’s and Trudi’s turn. Minds were spinning. After all, the website has to be provided with content; the design must respond to the nature of our clients; the text has to reflect the down-to-earth attitude and authenticity. That’s how it is supposed to be - our client was thrilled by the result. And so are we. Sometimes, it only needs a few words to give the nature of a products utterance. Knapp’s baking skills are just gooood!
And now it is time for programming
Christine implements the project, and the online launch is only a few steps away. Manuel our PL controls, coordinates, enters data, texts and pictures. The process runs internally and externally without problems.
There is nothing better than a successful project, a great cooperation and a client full of good vibrations and passion. We are excited! By means of the bakery Knapp, we rediscovered the love about real, original bread. This can be seen by the result. 
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