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Our own eCommerce: Vinusta

More than an agency: We run the food online shop Vinusta in-house and know exactly what eCommerce customers need.  
What is your next, big growth goal and how do you plan to achieve it? (2:17)

Denis Pellegrini, Zeppelin founder: The goal of 2021 is to double sales again and to increase the margin at the same time. But we will only succeed if we reposition the brand. We are currently working on that and in February we will relaunch the online shop.
Zeppelin has recently set a new focus on growth marketing, Vinusta is a kind of internal pilot project. What are the major advantages of the new approach? (2:39)

Michele Ciliberti, web marketing team leader: Thanks to the growth marketing activities, problems in the sales process come to light that would otherwise remain hidden. We've collected a lot of data on target groups, demographics, user behaviour and age groups, and figured out how to reach people we wouldn't have come in touch with without the campaigns. We can pass this valuable information on to our eCommerce customers and use it to adjust product, pricing, promotion and distribution policies accordingly. This is a huge advantage, because it makes it possible to rule out measures that don't work in digital, and to further expand those that work well. Problems and obstacles to sales are removed, which would be much more difficult with traditional campaigns. Thanks to growth marketing, we can get results in a much more direct, fast and profitable way.  
Was it a good idea to take over Vinusta? (3:59)

Denis Pellegrini, Zeppelin founder: Yes, it was indeed the right decision. With Vinusta, we can live our passion for branding and performance every day. It's a real pleasure to break new ground together as a team and to be able to share these great results.
What added value can Zeppelin offer eCommerce customers thanks to Vinusta? 

Denis Pellegrini, Zeppelin founder: The digital positioning of online shops and brands is part of Zeppelin's daily business. Thanks to Vinusta, we can now offer even more:
1. We can break new ground in customer acquisition.
2. We have transformed our web marketing team into an eCommerce team, which allows us to simplify the cooperation with buyers and store managers and to make it more profitable.
3. We have developed many measures to increase repeat purchases from customers. 
4. We have worked out improved handling of transportation charges, commissions, delivery times, returns and even customer service. 
5. We think in margins! We optimize transactional sales margins, but also the overall mass of an online shop.
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