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Our teams have had some reinforcements. Maybe some of you have already met Anna, Dominik and Cristina. Anna recently joined the Tourism Team, Dominik the Corporate Team and Cristina joined our Technology. We are pleased that they have become part of Zeppelin and we are certain that they will be an asset to us. Find out a little more about them.
What have you done previously?
I successfully completed a communication technology and user interfaces course in Rovereto. I then completed a work experience at an E-commerce for Do It Yourself materials and another one in a digital agency in Bozen. And now... I am here.
What do you do at Zeppelin?
I work as a Tourism Consultant.
Good Vibes are... creativity, optimism and the passion that you put into everything that you do.
Tea or coffee? I am totally addicted to coffee.
Bicycle or car? Bicycle – all year round, whatever the weather. It’s more fun then in spring.
Sport or couch? Sport: Mens sana in corpore sano. I relax and recharge my batteries with a jog or hiking in the mountains.
Sea or mountain? The peace and quiet of the mountains.
What have you done previously?
Amongst other things, I worked for a small, family run marketing agency in Merano in Project Management and at the Bozen exhibition in Project Assistance. So I have already worked in this sector.
What do you do at Zeppelin?
I work as a Corporate Consultant.
Good Vibes for me are … Treating each other respectfully and not forgetting in the good times who stood by you in the bad times.
That rocks… nice weather at the weekend 
Sport or couch? Definitely sport! Even if I am looking forward in a few years to lying on the couch more often. But as I say, that can wait a while yet.
Sea or Mountain? Definitely the sea for a holiday destination. But what is nicer than to forget your everyday problems at the top of a mountain and enjoy the wonderful view? Pure freedom.
Baby face or beard? Since I was 17 I have been “lucky” enough to have a reasonable beard growth and I have not been smooth-shaved for several years now. 
What have you done previously?
Lots, Assistant to the Management at Dr. Schär, Marketing & Sales in Vigilius mountain resort, sales in the South Tyrol Marketing Company (now IDM), Manager at the Alpinea Hotel Cooperation, in charge of marketing at Hoppe. 
What do you do at Zeppelin? 
Lots here, too, I support Miz in his sales activities. 
Good Vibes for me are… good feeling: at work, in the family and with friends. 
That rocks… when lots of e-mails containing orders are received. I am happy then for the Sales Manager and for our company. 
Mustard or ketchup? Ketchup on chips and mustard on sausage.
Sport or couch? Mostly sport, then couch
High heels or ballerina? High whenever possible.
Offline or online? Online in the office, offline on holiday. 
McDonalds or Burger King? McDonalds, but I prefer to eat something proper.
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