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New impulses: IDM Alto Adige

One IDM – a vision, a website

For a few months now, IDM Alto Adige has been presenting itself with a new face. Thanks to ongoing exchange, close cooperation and organisation in sprints, we have succeeded in creating a website that shows character.
Here we are: the new IDM website    

The IDM website not only has a refreshing new look. It is designed to guide visitors, to communicate content professionally yet at eye level, and to make it easy to navigate on all devices. “The IDM wording can now be found throughout the website. The texts are understandable and pleasant to read, the sentence structure is clear and the tone is institutional but 'warmed up'. The “we” is in the foreground and gives IDM not only character but also a face,” explains copywriter Valentina. Consultant Evelyn adds: “The cooperation with IDM was very good and despite the tight timing, the project team did an amazing job.” Conceptor Daniel also looks back on the project with satisfaction: “We implemented the website in record time. It wouldn't have been possible without the commitment of IDM and our internal team. I was very pleased that we were in direct exchange with the management, who showed us great appreciation.”

Looking forward: the collaboration continues   
The course for further cooperation was soon set. Ongoing optimisations of the digital presence follow or have already been completed. If you want to get to know IDM Alto Adige online, the best thing to do is click through their website: 
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