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Meet our new colleagues

Thomas, Gabriele and Lorenzo recently became integral members of our Team. We are happy to be working with them and we would like to introduce them to you too. 
Gabriele Predranz
What have you done previously? Before I joined Zeppelin, I worked for Archimede in Gardolo near Trient and then at Altea Software in Bozen.
What is your role at Zeppelin? I work in Web Marketing and dedicate myself to SEA and SEO for our tourism clients. 
Good Vibes are ... a pleasant working environment which has an emphasis on teamwork.
That rocks ... Cappuccino and a piece of Sachertorte.
Summer or winter? Winter every time. I can’t stand the heat.
Beer or wine? Beer. Now and again I will drink a glass of white wine, but that’s rare.
Sea or mountain? Definitely mountain. Forests and nature have something magical about them.
What have you done previously? Before working at Zeppelin I was at high school in Bozen. I graduated in 2016 and then treated myself to a relaxed summer. I had earned it after all. Then in September I started my traineeship here at Zeppelin in Team Corporate. I have now been working in the Tourism Team since December.
What is your role at Zeppelin? I work as a Web Developer, or at least try to. I am not yet as experienced as many of my colleagues, but I am learning a lot every day thanks to their help and their tips.
Good Vibes are ... a pleasant and warm working environment which allows me to grow both professionally and personally.
That rocks ... doing the Wall of Death at the Salmo concert.
Bike or car? I would like to say car, but I am still having driving lessons (I’m sure I will get my licence soon). So in the meantime I’m still pedalling.
Nike or Adidas? I think Nike is better than anything. Air Max, Jordan and Huarache ... if I could, I’d buy them all.
Early riser or late riser? In the week I get up early, I have to get to work. But at the weekend I like to lie in, especially if I have been out.
What have you done previously? I worked as a lecturer at the state Vocational Training College for Industry and trade in Mechatronics and Computer Science. Then I spent a while making my hobby my job and worked as a kite-surfing instructor.
What is your role at Zeppelin? I work as a Web Developer.
Good Vibes for me are ... nice people, teamwork and good atmosphere
That rocks … summer, sun and of course, good wind for kite-surfing!!!
Coffee or tea? Black coffee, always. Tea only if there is time for an extended breakfast.
Sea or mountain? My favourite place for kite-surfing has always been the Reschensee. Nowhere else gives you such a breath-taking view of König Ortler while you are doing your laps of the lake. The see does have its attractions though: on the board with just swimming shorts.
Baby face or beard?
 A man without a beard is improperly dressed.
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