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Mizuno - Best brand standing in the digital world

Experience the sporting diversity of Mizuno – across all devices, in 7 languagesand 27 countries Zeppelin realised an experience portal with inspiring and emotional stories for the Japanese sporting goods manufacturer.


Modular CMS Library

The complexity of an experience portal such as is kept to a minimum through the use of a library based modular CMS.

Various modules guarantee a consistent user interface. The same solutions are used for the same areas of application. The efficiency in developing and creating pages was also boosted many times over, resulting in a cost-effective roll-out.



Technical challenge

We use Amplifier for implementation, as this is a stable platform solution.

The content editors receive a multitude of new features. In addition to conventional management of content and independent expansion of navigation structure, the modular toolbox can also be used to create own pages per country and / or language.

Individual extensions were carried out on the platform in preparation for the special requirements of product import.



Results and outlook

The new Mizuno online experience portal does the brand justice. After relaunch of the primary markets, roll-outs of other countries and languages will follow in the next few weeks.
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