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Luis Trenker - The Mountain is calling

While fashion comes and goes, the fashion label Luis Trenker remains loyal to its unique, traditional style. After all, this is more than just a trend, a fashion, this is about a sense of life. That is exactly the feeling that is conveyed via the new responsive website with online shop.
On a journey of discovery
For our concept, we placed great value on intuitive navigation, the menu is always present, and no site a dead end, which means, that the visitor always has the option of immersing himself in additional content, in order to learn more about the world and passions of Luis Trenker. 
Luis Trenker, the storyteller
Just as Luis Trenker made his way into German living rooms as a story teller during his later years, so also our website writes Storytelling big. Stories from the house of Luis Trenker are told in a specifically created section. This way passion really becomes tangible. Storytelling is the guideline, that winds itself throughout the entire website. Even within the shop, the products tell their very own story – thus highlighting the quality. 

There is a bit of Luis Trenker in everyone
Since anyone can feel a bit like Luis Trenker,“roping buddies“ have the opportunity to convey their attitude towards life. All contributions are added to the social wall via #Luistrenker. We are able to build a relationship between the brand and the visitors, which was exactly our goal -  – for Luis Trenker is a true mark of love, and each one of us can feel a bit like Luis.
An honest man’s word’s as good as his bond
Directly reach out to Luis Trenker. With help of the chat, that is integrated into the shop, visitors have the option of reaching out to Luis Trenker. Final questions related to the purchase can be clarified, doubts remedied and the conversionrate is noticably raised. 
What would a website be without our web marketing?
In order to raise the brands fame and the online shops sales, we are launching an all-year ad campaign on Google, and a banner campaign in real-time bidding mode on the German and Austrian markets. 
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