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Our newest Italien Hit, the hotel group JLive of the  JSH Hotel Collection, are heading for success with the sales tool ReGuest. 7 extraordinary 4* hotels, at dream locations, have been creating emotional offers, entirely geared towards the wishes and concerns of the guests, since the beginning of July of this year.
Galzignano Terme SPA & Golf Resort
The hotel complex at the foot of the Euganean Hills not only uses ReGuest for one, but rather for three different structures within the resort. We have specifically converted this  „Multi-Hotel“-Solution  for our Italian customers. It allows the receptionists of each structure within the resort to create its own varation within the same offer, while retaining the same layout, which is essential for the Corporate Identity. 

Working with Simple Booking
All 7 hotels use „Simple Booking“ as a booking engine system, this usually only provides the availability and prices. Since each hotel uses different packages and tariffs, we have made additional adjustments to ReGuest, in order to guarantee our customers a quick and efficient procedure. It is important to us, that ReGuest ensures a user friendly, and especially quick offer creation, and thus does not create additional effort for the receptionists. 
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