Growth Talks

Growth Talks with Silvia Pfeifer from Vitalpina

32 hotels, one common objective

Let’s talk about growth! Daniel Gufler and Silvia Pfeifer from the Vitalpina Hotels look back on an exciting web project and ahead to a sustainable future. (Video in German)


“The new website is above all accurate,“ says Silvia Pfeifer, director of the hotel group Vitalpina. Two months ago, she relaunched the website together with the 32 Vitalpina hotels and with Zeppelin – even though the old website had performed well. ”Our brand has evolved and moved away from the previous website. It worked well but no longer represented us as we ‘felt‘ we were,“ says Silvia.

In the new Growth Talk, Silvia and Daniel explain how they were able to transport the “We live for the mountains“ philosophy into the digital world, onto the screen and, above all, to the user.

Take a look at the Vitalpina website!

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