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From 10 to 14 nights?

Growth marketing with the holiday village Alta Val Pusteria 

Curiosity pays off, especially when you have big goals. Just like the brothers of the holiday village Alta Val Pusteria. Their mission was to increase the average stay of their guests from 10 to 14 days. They chose growth marketing as their method. And the result? Was an exciting project that could teach us a lot. 

The basic prerequisite for any growth project is cooperation, which was particularly close in the case of the holiday village project. Weekly update calls and meetings ensured an intensive and fruitful exchange. After all, the secret of growth lies in giving and taking, in learning with and from each other. 


There was a lot to learn for the whole team. And the lively exchange was fertile ground for new ideas. For example, it turned out that the acquisition of new customers in the holiday village Alta Val Pusteria mainly works through word-of-mouth. With this in mind, a special voucher concept was developed that rewards both the existing guest and the new guest. Not an unprecedented idea, but a concept in a completely new framework. The campaign's motto is "Reward for me, gift for you - bringing joy pays off". Initial analyses show: The opening rate of the voucher emails is astonishingly high at over 50%. We will soon see if the redeeming rate can reach similar levels. 

You have your own growth project in mind? No matter what your goals are, we’d love to help you achieve them. Contact us here
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