Brain & Food Tour 2017

Winning customers with Grips

It is nearly that time again – in June we are starting our Brain & Food Tour. This year we will be calling at Bozen, Brixen, Merano und Rovereto. We have prepared exciting themes around web marketing for you and invited exciting companies who will report on their experiences at a lunch together.
Micro moments, customers and their digital moments
We are starting with the first event on 8th June in the hds in Bozen. As a Google Premium partner, we have not let the opportunity slip to invite a Google employee to share first-hand knowledge about micromoments with all participants.

At the start of the tour we have invited Leonardo Mercanti, the Agency Development Manager from Google. He has prepared a presentation which is all about Google Micro Moments. Those little moments in which we as companies have the chance to contact our customers. It is only important to understand which of these moments are the crucial ones. It is important in these moments not just to be there, but to have the right answer to the customer’s requirements.

It sounds very promising. It is best to find out for yourself.
Sell with the Help of High-Performance Internet Sites and E-commerce 
On the 9th June, we will be the guests of our client Barozzi Dimension in Rovereto. We will be dedicating ourselves totally on this occasion to the subject of increasing sales and how a high-performing web-site and an e-shop can play an important part in achieving this aim. Both have to correspond to what our target group expects. They must be user-friendly to make the sale as straightforward as possible for the user and avoid interruption to the process. Finally, not forgetting digital branding. We must arouse the same emotions and feelings in our visitors as we would offline. 

Additionally,  Michele Barozzi of Barozzi Dimension will report about his own experiences on the subject. Great thanks go to Marta Peroni at this point for the great collaboration in organising the event. 
Integrated Media Planning: Efficient Marketing both online and offline
There is an ever-greater blend between online and offline. Customers find the information online and then make the purchase in person, or vice versa. Therefore, it is important not to concentrate on one of the channels in media planning but to fit the two to each other seamlessly and continuously monitor the whole campaign to make any improvements necessary.

Mr. Diego de Martin, Marketing Manager of Pircher, will present the current marketing campaign to us. This contains advertisements in social networks (Facebook and Instagram), placements in the search engines, RTB banner adverts and the distribution of newsletters.
An exciting subject awaits us on 15th June in Brixen. There is bound to be inspiration here for everyone’s business. 
Advertising Campaigns in Different Digital Channels
The world of digital marketing offers many possibilities. We will be exploring these on 22nd June in Merano.
The best media should be chosen for each target group and market to guarantee the best results. In our presentation, we want to give an insight into the opportunities offered to us by social media, search engine marketing, RTB, re-marketing and also competitions, Google Shopping and Amazon and how the various media can best be aligned with each other.
Finally, Benjamin Laimer, Sales promotion with Vi.P, will tell of his experiences and successes in the development of prize competitions.
Digital Branding with E-commerce and Web-marketing 
Presenting one’s brand and building a brand online which reflects our offline excellence is not that easy, although essential. Only those who strengthen their brand online and delivers emotions and authenticity can distinguish themselves from their competition and increase their online sales as a further consequence.

To finish the tour on 29th June, Daniel Gufler, our Chief Digital Officer of the concept which lies behind the new online-debut of our client Mizuno. We have developed a web-site for the sports article manufacturer for the EMEA market. 

Register, collect new ideas and be inspired. Participation at the events is free but the number of participants is limited.
We look forward to seeing you!
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