Amplifier Opens New Horizons for the Hotel Trade

The right offer at the right moment for every guest

All of our guests have their own individual preferences, wishes and needs. We know many of these preferences. That’s because over the years we have collected huge amounts of information about our guests. Often this information remains unused. Why don’t we use these details in a targeted way in our communications with our guests? This is now possible thanks to Amplifier, the Sales and marketing CRM!
Turning Big data into Smart Data
We are in daily contact with our clients, dealing with their needs and wishes. We try to improve the interaction with guests before, during and after their holiday and increase bookings. We will succeed in this if we manage to get the right message across through the right channel at the right moment.

Using Information Smartly and Winning Guests
That is exactly what we achieve with Amplifier. We have developed our Sales and Marketing CRM specially for tourism. Amplifier unifies a series of intelligent apps which make the everyday running of a hotel easier. All the data from the various apps is collected in a single place and combined smartly.
The contact is enriched with information from all of our actions. These also allow targeted marketing activities such as the sending of personalised, perfectly timed newsetters.
In this way, every guest is approached with relevant content at the right point in time and books.

One CRM, Many Apps
Amplifier contrains everything that a hotels needs for marketing and sales: the sales tool ReGuest Sales, a booking app, an app for sending and production of newsletters, an app for monitoring all comments and reactions made online about the hotel, apps for management of the content of the website and an app for monitoring marketing activities. The best thing is that all these apps are accessible via a single log-in. No more endless log-ins and passwords.

Michael Mitterhofer, CEO of Zeppelin:“ We developed Amplifier to allow our clients to influence the guest journey at every moment. That means our clients have targeted and personalised control over communications with guests before, during and after their stay . it is also our aim to ease the working day and first and foremost, to make more out of our data. The result is a CRM which finally gives our clients the ability to use the vast amount of data collected daily in the hotel to increase sales“
Amplifier is the best CRM for tourism that we can make for you.

Have a look at it- we would be pleased to explain Amplifier in more depth in a personal conversation. Just write to us!
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