Grow digital. 


There are many growth targets for your company or e-commerce: more returning visitors, more efficient campaigns, more sales. We accompany you to every single one - g(r)o(w) digital!



"Breaking new ground". What sounds like a cliché is firmly anchored in our values. We've spent a long time working on making processes more transparent, simplifying complexities, and not only making your company shine digitally, but also more autonomous. Whether you want to boost your online sales, tap into new sources of visitors, grow in the long term, or become more involved: it's all possible - with Zeppelin and with Growth Marketing, the new way to grow digitally.

Growth Team

Your team & our team for maximum growth power.


We work with flexible instead of rigid media budgets.

New ways

Growth across all channels and sales phases.

Know-how &

Leaving old ways behind. Taking new knowledge with you.

In Growth Marketing, we focus on transparent collaboration and knowledge transfer. We regularly exchange ideas with you so that you retain the expertise we have gained. You contribute, learn, and become a digital expert yourself. 


We uncover it. And you are part of it.

Growth Marketing doesn't follow fixed rules but it’s completely individual. We conduct data-driven research, look for new ways and work with you to utilise unimagined potential. Along the entire Customer Journey and in all phases of the sales funnel!


Nothing is forever. Growth Marketing is.

Growth Marketing is more than shop promos, banners, and Google Ads. It not only brings reach, but results beyond acquisition. Because we also utilise new channels and leave the beaten track, we help you achieve sustainable growth.


Do you have other companies as customers? We generate high-quality leads and open up new sales horizons for you. 


We create the right incentives to buy for your existing and new customers and increase your sales.


We don't just focus on acquisition, but on all sales phases right through to recommendation.

E-Commerce | Web Marketing

11teamsports is the largest online seller of sporting goods in Europe. Growth goal was to enter the Italian market and set Shopware 6 for marketing automation and more.

Feines Family Nature Store
E-Commerce | Growth Marketing

Growth in e-commerce: for “Feines Family Nature Store”, we’ve pulled out all the stops in terms of growth. With a series of marketing measures, we’ve achieved much more than “just” an increase in sales.

Branding | E-Commerce | Growth Marketing

Dormotop® is a subsidiary of the mattress manufacturer Prestige. We played a key role in developing the brand and building trust by creating the brand name, logo, photographer briefings, online shops, and various campaigns.

HotSpring Italia
E-Commerce | Growth Marketing

The result of our collaboration with the whirlpool professional is not just a deeply relaxing shop. We also take care of a perfect User Experience in the shop and newsletter automations for even more sales.

Best Tech?

Yes, we have them, the top tools and technologies! And we use them in such a way that they harmonise with each other, make processes more fluid and guarantee a flawless user experience for higher sales.

Growth Marketing
takes you further.